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We are a modern practice, with a relaxed atmosphere, with all specialists in one place. We accept most PPO Insurances.

Bella Family Dental Clinic at Doral

We are a modern practice, with a relaxed atmosphere, with all specialists in one place. We accept most PPO Insurances.

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We are your dental clinic in Doral

At Bella Family Dental we guarantee the health and preservation of your oral and dental health.

Our dental clinic in Doral specializes in:

Dental health for the whole family

Family dentistry

Preserving the habit of dental care helps us prevent and detect possible dental diseases in time. Take care of your family’s oral health with us.

Specialized cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry

Improve the appearance of your teeth and show off healthy teeth with the professional advice you need.

Dental clinic specialized in restorative dentistry

Restorative dentistry

We replace and repair your damaged pieces, improving the esthetics and health of your mouth.

Professionals in specialized oral surgery

Oral surgery

These medical procedures are performed in a dental clinic to treat pathologies of the oral cavity. The most common interventions are: removal of maxillary cysts, complex extractions, biopsies, prosthesis implants.

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Dental crowns

These prostheses cover the tooth in its entirety to achieve the natural shape and improve its functionality.


We anticipate and correct the development of your teeth with invisible orthodontics. No one will notice that you are wearing corrective braces!

Smile design

Your smile is your best cover letter! Improve your appearance with personalized consultations and harmonic designs carried out by professionals in simple and short-term procedures.

Teeth whitening

Improve the aesthetics of your smile with a color adjustment and remove dental stains.

Dental veneers

Improve the external appearance of your teeth with this porcelain laminated mask.

Dental implant

During this procedure we will replace the damaged root of your teeth with metal pins to maintain their function.


It is a curative and preventive procedure where the professional is in charge of extracting, filling and sealing the tooth to avoid extraction.

Wisdom teeth

If these molars begin to interfere with your daily life, it is best to see an expert. We have full exams for extraction treatment.




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discount on Invisalign dentures

Invisible orthodontics at our dental clinic in Doral.

This invisible orthodontics is responsible for restoring the position of your teeth, improving the health of your mouth and preventing future complications in your oral and dental health.

Invisalign progressively corrects the position of the teeth, effectively achieving dental alignment, and being an invisible brace, it goes completely unnoticed by onlookers, giving a plus to the aesthetics of your teeth.

This type of orthodontics is performed with 3D printing in thermoplastic material that is totally biocompatible with the patient. The orthodontist in charge is responsible for creating an action plan for the treatment and improvement of your dental alignment.

The duration of treatment varies according to the needs of each patient.

If you want to apply for Invisalign orthodontics in Doral, contact us and schedule your appointment.

Discount on invisalign dentures

Meet team Bella Family

Dedicated to your dental health!

Doctor specialized in dental health


Main Dentist

Specialist in prosthodontics and surgical prosthodontist


and Surgical Prosthodontist

Orthodontist specialized in dental treatment



Specialist in general dentistry in Florida


General Dentist

Why My Bella Family Dental?

The staff of our dental clinic in Doral is characterized by providing patients with optimal and complete care in all aspects related to dental medicine, our professionals are trained to evaluate, treat and prevent oral pathologies using cutting-edge technologies that have positioned as the best dental clinic in South Florida.

The Bella team provides its clients with the best care, we treat our patients as special guests, with the aim of making them feel at home.

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Specialized dentistry in the state of Florida

We accept most PPO insurances

We have financing options and payment plans from $97.

Our patients speak for us!

Successful dental treatments at our dental clinic in Doral

Dejanira Dávila
Dejanira Dávila
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Spectacular attention, cleanliness and the place is very comfortable. Something important to highlight, before doing any treatment they check if the insurance covers it and they let you know, spectacular that they tell you this.
Marta Raquel Galarza
Marta Raquel Galarza
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Bella Family Dental is a beautiful family of professionals and technicians, highly trained people, very kind, very dedicated to their work. They make you feel "family", they make you feel that you are not just another number: they really care about your well-being.
Isabel Melean
Isabel Melean
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Not only are there excellent professionals, the place is spectacular, and the attention is unmatched. They have all the specialties, and they adapt to your schedule and offer different payment plans for your convenience.