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Why Bella?  

Bella  is related to the Italian, Spanish, Greek, Portuguese and Latin words for beautiful. The Delgado-Ruiz family as community leaders and devoted pastors at their local church, they take great pride on the impact of their service and their passion to serve and help others. Together with their daughter Yariliz, many organizations and events are the beneficiary of the Delgado – Ruiz family generosity. Almost everyone refers to them as a beautiful family. As far as to why using the name Bella, Mr. Delgado says “It’s an universal word, and knowing the amazing multi-cultural influence in South Florida I thought it was the best name for the practice, and it also assembles the inner and outer beauty of my wife’s heart, we are both passionate individuals” 

About Our Dentist Clinic

Bella Family Dental by Dr. Yarimar Ruiz, a complete dental practice for the whole family.

Bella Family Dental was founded in 2012, by husband and wife, Ruben Delgado and Dr. Yarimar Ruiz.

Mr. Delgado has been an entrepreneur, business owner and community leader in different venues within the communication and hospitality industry for more than 12 years. On the other hand, Dr. Ruiz after years of practicing as the head managing doctor in one of the fastest-growing dental practices in Puerto Rico, she decided to continue her successful career in the State of Florida in 2012.

We both studied in Florida and knew that we were going to come back to establish our families in South Florida one day. – Mr. Delgado stated.

Just a few months after moving, Mr. Delgado decided to make Dr. Ruiz dreams a reality – a multi-provider practice for the whole family. As community advocates in the Pembroke Pines Area, the Delgado-Ruiz family decided to establish their practice in Pembroke Pines.

Their practice became a multi-provider in no time, and its growth was faster than what they had predicted.

Open 6 days a week

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