Panoramic X-rays

3D technologyis becoming increasingly well-established in the best dental practices around the world. For more precise diagnoses and treatment explanations, 3D X-rays offer several advantages, with almost none to no radiation. Whether with superimposed teeth, unexpected nerve canal paths, hidden roots, or temporomandibular joint anomalies, 3D images are invaluable for many diagnoses. A 3D CT Scan diagnose increase drastically the precision of treatment for the best accuracy in all cosmetic procedures like increasing the longevity of implants, veneers and full smile makeovers.

Cephalometric Analysisis an X-ray that is very similar to a panoramic X-ray. A Cephalometric Analysis has the ability to capture a complete and full view of the neck and the skull. The Cephalometric Analysis captures images using a side-to-side motion. These X-rays are commonly used for orthodontic treatment planning and sleep apnea.

Panoramic X-Raydisplays both jaws, the upper and lower, as well as the teeth, at the same time. They are used regularly for diagnosis of wisdom teeth impaction, orthodontic assessments, and diagnosis of advanced periodontal disease.

Digital Intraoral X-rays Intraoral X-Rays provide a lot of detail, and allow your dentist to discover cavities, examine the health of the tooth root and bone surrounding the tooth, check the standing of developing teeth, and observe the general health of your teeth and jawbone.

Intraoral Pictures 

At the time to diagnose we want every patient to fully understand the treatment plan. X-rays are like a “blueprint” for doctors to guide all diagnoses. Those are a little bit hard for all patients to understand. That’s why we use intraoral pictures, Intraoral cameras are small, pen-shaped devices that the team at Bella Family Dental may use to get a closer look at your oral health. These tiny cameras capture full color digital images of your teeth and gums, giving you a better view of your mouth, with angles that are hard to see with the naked eye.

Dental X-ray for specialized analysis


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