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Dra Yarimar ruiz

Graduated with honors from the University of Puerto Rico, School of Dental Medicine approved by the American Dental Association (ADA), with an extensive experience as a general dentist for the whole family.

Dr. Ruiz specializes in all types of general treatment and is characterized by a gentile treat and educational turn. She led one of the best dental service centers in Puerto Rico for three years and has participated in major community events such as "National Day Children's Dental Access" of the ADA, "Give a smile to a child" of Colgate and several health fairs including the Pembroke Pines Health Fair held by La Nueva 88.3fm.

Her love educate the community distinguish her. She is also one of dental spokesperson for La Nueva 88.3fm Radio Station.

Dra Nona Naghavi

Dr. Nona Naghavi loves to laugh. She's always in awe of stand up comedians and thinks that is major talent! The first time she had to give a lecture she just about died a little but survived and now looks forward to her annual series of lectures to Dental students at Nova University. It's not exactly stand up comedy but will do for now.

She was always obsessed with her bedroom being super organized when she was a kid. Her mother was puzzled. Little did she know, she had a "serial straightener" on her hands! Lo and behold nothing would appease this little girl's pet peeve as she grew older but to figure out what part of the body she could set straight. You figure out the rest!

She's the mother of two little kids so excuse her frazzled look at times. She hasn't slept since 2010. If you make her laugh she'll get back to her normal smart self. Or you can surprise her with her most favorite thing in the world. Not chocolate! She's a dentist from University of Toronto you know. A book! Lame yes but totally worth the smile on her face.

She constantly had icicles in her hair while in Toronto until a super wise guy convinced her he could melt her icicles (and her heart) if she agreed to move to Florida. Her husband whisked her down south and showed her the doors of Jacksonville University where all sorts of teeth were being straightened. Dr. Naghavi has been in love ever since (with him and teeth) and she can't wait to check out yours.

Dr Eduardo Merino

DR. EDUARDO MERINO received his D.D.S. from the University of Detroit-Mercy in Michigan. He furthered his training at Nova Southeastern University where he completed a 3-year specialty in Prosthodontics. Dr. Merino’s primary focus has been in surgical and prosthetic treatment with dental implants. He specializes in complex total reconstructions. His practical and gentle approach to patient care is one of his greatest assets. Dr. Merino has lectured extensively on various topics and held a faculty position at the University of Detroit-Mercy where he served as a Clinical Instructor, Director and Co-Director of various courses.

Although he is presently engaged in full-time private practice, he has collaborated with dental implant companies and has created continuing education courses for dentists in the community.

A Florida native, Dr. Merino enjoys fishing, boating, water sports, model and full-scale aviation and traveling. He is also enjoys being the father to his wonderful son. He is fluent in English and Spanish.

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