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Dentist and Oral Health pembroke pines, Bella Family Dental

Nowadays, there are many ways and products in the market for tooth whitening, especially ...
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Dentist and Oral Health pembroke pines, same day appointment, Bella Family Dental

It’s been proven that a great oral health reduces the chance of heart disease among other serious illnesses...
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Dentist Pembroke Pines

Here at Bella Family Dental, we receive many patients daily with serious questions about their oral health. Other come just for an second opinion.

Dental practice for the whole family in Pembroke Pines

Our dentists believe that each and every patient deserves the opportunity to understand their dental health, on a very easy understandable way, and make an informed decision. For a free consult, please fill out the form to the right to schedule your free consult or call one of our caring dental staff today. Your consult consists of a 30-minute discussion with our dentist about your condition and possible treatments.

Our free consult is limited to the following:

• Implants
• Invisalign
• Whitening

It is not for emergencies or general dentistry and does not include any exams or x-rays.

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